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Metal gates, Fences, Railings

Repair and Restoration Services

Are any of your metal barriers giving you a hard time? Natim is here to revive them to their former glory!

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Our Metalwork Repairs and Maintenance Services

metal gates, fences, railings repairs - Natim services

Don’t let squeaking gates or rusty fences become an eyesore! Natim offers repair and maintenance services to keep your metal gates, fences, and railings in tip-top shape. We guarantee longevity, security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal to your property. 

Metal Gate, Fence, and Railing Repair Services

The best part of our metal gate, fence and railing repair services is that we offer reasonable prices and clear breakdowns of the amount you will pay.

When our expertise will fix your metalwork, then we assure you are not being overcharged. If we can’t repair your metalwork, there won’t be any charge, not even for the inspection visit.

Our metal gates, fences, and railings repair services cover:

  • Fixing side door frames and posts.
  • Automated driveway gates repair.
  • Sliding and swinging gates complete restoration.
  • Garage door repairs.
  • Rust removal for gates and fences.
  • Wrought iron gate refurbishment
  • Steel fence repairs
  • Aluminium gate welding
  • Corrosion treatment for metal doors
  • Repainting metal railing, gates, and fences
  • Security gate troubleshooting
  • Ornamental ironwork repair
  • Driveway gate maintenance
  • Hinges, latches and lock replacement/repair on metal doors
  • Custom metal fence servicing
  • Welding services for railings , gates and
  • Ironworks preservation and care
  • Metal fabrication for gates and fences
  • Protective coating applications for metal structures
  • Photocells adjusting / replacement / re-cabling

Maintenance Services

  • Annual Plan Overground £250

    One maintenance visit for overground automation system in one year.

  • Annual Plan Underground £380

    One maintenance visit for underground automation system in one year.

  • Biennial Plan Overground £850

    Four maintenance visits for overground automation systems across two years.

  • Biennial Plan Underground £1400

    Four maintenance visits for underground automation systems across two years.

  • Commercial Annual Plans Custom

    Prices for commercial maintenance services starts from £380 (subject to survey).

If you require additional information about maintenance plans, please contact us.

Whether it is metal gate repairs, fence repairs, or railing repair, Natim has got you covered. It doesn’t matter what kind of place you have, indoor or outdoor, we make the metalwork at your property to last a lot longer, as in with 30 years of anti-rust warranty.

Keep scrolling to find the perfect repair service and claim your free consultation with our super friendly team. We’re excited to hear from you!.

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Which metal structure needs repairs?

Metal Gate Repairs

If you’re having trouble with your gate, we’ll fix it. From minor hinge fixes to complete overhauls, our team is ready to work on it!

Metal Fence Repairs

Spotted loose or broken welds on fences? Concerned about panels damaged or leaning fence? We’re here to fix all of it, and that too as soon as possible!

Metal Railing Repairs

Is there an immediate need to fix a scratch or dent on your railing? Is the paint peeling, cracking, or blistering, exposing the metal? No need to worry, we’re still here to repair it!

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Our Affordable Solutions to Fix Your Metal Gates

With our gate repair services, you can:

  1. Restore your gate to its former glory.
  2. Repair your driveway gates.
  3. Repaint to match your outdoor décor.
  4. Reposition driveway gates and side doors.
  5. Retrofit with security upgrades and custom fabrication.
wrought iron gate repair services

If you’re not keen on forking out for a new gate, Natim is all ears to tailor a fix that’ll make your existing gate like new!

Restore Metal Gates

Lock Refurbishment:

The experts at Natim can bring your locks back to their best, so your gates and side doors are secure.

Wrought ironwork preservation:

We’ll make your wrought-iron gate look majestic by preserving all parts, from finials to rails and posts. All this will help you restore the timeless beauty and historical charm without having to break the bank for a replacement.

Corrosion treatment:

Bestow longevity using our specialised treatment to help your metalwork stand the ravages of time.



Sandblasting is the process of using special sand and a compressor to remove rust and old paint, making it look like new again.

Repair Driveway Enclosures

Automation repair:

Repairing automation systems affected by wear and tear to ensure smooth operation.

Structural Integrity:

Repairing door frames and posts, maintaining the robustness of your entryway, as part of wrought-iron gate repairs or metal gate repairs.

Hardware Reinforcement:

Reinforcing or replacing hardware like hinges, latches, and locks on metal doors.

Welding work:

If you’re on the lookout for metal or aluminium gate repairs, then we offer welding and patching services to fix any damages.

Repaint to match outdoor décor

wrought iron gate gate repainted

Protective Coating:

Application of protective coatings for metal structures to prevent future wear and enhance appearance.

Aesthetic Revival:

Need a fresh, new look for your gates? Our metal railing repainting services can help.

Reposition driveway gates

Alignment Adjustments:

Adjusting door alignment and repositioning gates to ensure proper functionality.

Gate Aligning:

Realignment services for driveway gates, ensuring they open and close correctly.

repositioning driveway gates

Retrofit Your Existing Gates

retrofitting wooden gate with automation systems

Automation Upgrades:

Retrofitting gates with the latest security features, including photocells and automated systems. We will offer 3 years of warranty on the new automation system.

Custom Fabrications:

Adding privacy with aluminium panels or plain sheet to tailor metal fabrications for your gates’ unique specifications.

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Natim installed 2 gates for us on the side and the back of our house. The gates are beautiful and really well made. The communication with Raf and Kasia was perfect. They helped us find the best solution to close off our garden and will definitely be using them in the future to replace the fence. We highly recommend Natim!
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I had a problem with my gate motor, so I phoned Natim Services to look at it, just to fix it . He spend 2 days traying to fix it, but no luck, and without any charges. I wanted to pay him but he refused. Because he didn't fix it. He doesn't want to get payed. After few month without a motor , I decided to order a new one Beninca with Natim Services. He fitted new motor for me while I was on holiday. That what you call a good service. My gate is working. Me and my dog are happy with it. Thank you Natim Services.
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I received an excellent service from Raf & Kasia at Natim. I needed a new metal gate made to size due to the odd width of drive. My current wooden gate was expanding so unusable with the weather changes. After looking at numerous websites of generic and expensive gates from large companies I was a bit lost but then found Natim Services, they were quick to respond and provided accurate quote with personal communication throughout - just what I needed. The gate looks amazing, is strong, matches the house and the integrated letter box a really nice touch! Raf & Kasia were really genuine I would definitely recommend in future. Thanks again !

Fence Repair Services

At Natim, we get it – a strong and well-kept fence is essential for your privacy and security. We’ll take care of your fence repairs, making sure it stays in good shape.

Our fence repair services will have your fence looking fantastic and ready to face anything, without costing a fortune.

Our metal Fence repair services include:

Post Reinforcement:

We’ll strengthen weakened or damaged posts to ensure your fence’s foundation is solid.

Panel Replacement:

Whether it’s due to weather damage or wear and tear, we can replace individual panels to restore your fence’s integrity.

metal fences repair services

Gate Adjustment:

Don’t worry about a misaligned gate on your fence – we can adjust it.

Rust Removal:

For metal fences, we’ll remove rust and apply protective coatings to prevent future corrosion.

metal railings matching outdoor décor

Metal Railings Repair Services

We’re also experts in fixing and restoring metal railings, making sure they stay safe, functional, and looking good.

Trust Natim to restore the beauty and functionality of your metal railings with expert care and attention to detail.

Our metal railing repair services include:

Structural Repairs:

If there are any problems with your railings, like broken welds or bent sections, let us know.

Repair rusted iron railing:

Say goodbye to rust and keep your railings looking brand new with protective coatings.

Paint and Finish:

Make your railings look new again with a durable paint or finish that can handle any weather.

metal railings repair service in London

Component Replacement:

Replacing damaged or missing components such as balusters, handrails, and decorative elements.

Alignment Correction:

We will double-check that your railings are aligned and firmly attached for maximum safety.

Bespoke fixing:

We’ll ensure the steel railing repair will have the same appearance as per your requirements.

metal fences custom design railings

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