Sliding gates

lubricating them, how many times did you think over what someone thought of constructing such a fanciful construction of a gate that is susceptible to mechanical damage?
You do not have to wonder about all these questions with a sliding gate.
Sliding gates due to their simplicity of execution do not require any maintenance operations on a larger scale. They are also durable because their design is not fancifully made, but rather has a simple standard shape.
Sliding gates are perfectly powder coated, thanks to such protection they last for at least a dozen or so years before the first signs of material wear appear.
The most popular size of sliding gates on the market is a 4-meter-high gate. However, this is not the only option available on the market. They occur both longer and much shorter. Each of us ordinary users of this gate, knows that in the gate surrounding the property fence do not have to pass two cars at once.
It is enough to fit one, and for this you need a maximum of 3 meters of usable space. Sliding gates have an elongated construction. How should you read this? In such a way that if the passageway is 3 meters, you have to add a meter to the so-called counterbalance, which is stiffening the construction of the whole gate. (de facto we need a sliding gate in this case, 4 meters in area).


It is a kind of metal gates, which today are one of the most popular on the market. This is the case for private clients and companies.

What is the result of this phenomenon of popularity?
A sliding gate requires only one motor, and two-wing two-wing, it also has its own guides. So the very cost of preparing a place at the start is lower, because it does not have to be perfectly equal to that of a double-leaf gate.
From the customer’s point of view, it is easy to assess the values ​​of the gate sliding in relation to other gates. The first and most important feature of sliding gates that customers appreciate is durability.
Think about how many times you painted your ordinary gate over the years. How many times did you have to take care of its hinges, systematically
How do you market the sliding gates?
Today, most house designs are asymmetrical, so the entry to our property is most often placed on the side.
Most private investors, thanks to such a system, make a simple driveway to the garage in front of the sliding gate.
The second important factor in favor of investors’ frequent selection of sliding gates to their property fences is that most plots, especially those in cities, are wide, but not too deep (shallow).
Lovers of solutions in the form of sliding gates tell straight why they choose them from the various types of gates available on the market.
They appreciate them for their simple construction, elegance, convenience in practical use and aesthetics. Opponents of this type of solutions would probably find a lot of disadvantages as a counterweight. There are no perfect gates on the market, there can only be better or worse execution, correctly or incorrectly mounted, which affects the acceptance of the different types of gates available on the market by customers.
To ensure that your gateway will serve you for a long period of time, carry out the assembly and assembly of a professional Steelweding company, which will provide you with comfort of use for many years.