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Excellence in Gate Repairs for Lasting
Results and Customer Satisfaction

Excellence in Gate Repairs for Lasting Results and Customer Satisfaction

From Component Replacement to Automation Repair, Trust Our Expert Technicians for Reliable Gate Fixes and Maintenance Recommendations

From Component Replacement to Automation Repair, Trust Our Expert Technicians
for Reliable Gate Fixes and Maintenance Recommendations

Natim Services ensures that all repair work is carried out to the highest quality standards. Our technicians are skilled in working with various gate types and materials, including metal gates, wooden gates, and automated gates. They use quality tools and materials to perform repairs, aiming for long-lasting and reliable results.

Component Replacement: If any components of the gate are damaged beyond repair, Natim Services can provide suitable replacements. We source high-quality parts and ensure compatibility with the existing gate, restoring its functionality and appearance.

Mechanism and Automation Repair: For automated gates, Natim Services has expertise in repairing and restoring the gate’s opening and closing mechanisms. Our technicians are familiar with various gate automation systems and can troubleshoot and fix issues related to motors, sensors, control panels, and other automation components.

Safety Considerations: Natim Services prioritizes safety during gate repairs. Our technicians ensure that repaired gates meet safety standards, especially when it comes to automated gates. They check and test safety features, such as obstacle detection and emergency stop functionality, to ensure proper operation.

Maintenance Recommendations: After fixing the existing gate, Natim Services may provide recommendations for ongoing maintenance to prevent future issues and prolong the gate’s lifespan. This may include suggestions for lubrication, regular inspections, and minor adjustments that can be performed by the gate owner.

Customer Satisfaction: Natim Services values customer satisfaction, and our technicians strive to exceed expectations. They communicate with the gate owner throughout the repair process, providing updates, addressing concerns, and ensuring that the gate is restored to optimal functionality.

By employing experienced technicians, using quality materials, and
focusing on customer needs, Natim Services aims to deliver reliable and
professional gate fixing services for existing gates.

We offer range the following fixing services:

– welding broken parts on the site

– automated system parts replacement (if possible)

– replacement of automated system

– lubricating

– wheel replacement

– straightening damaged railings, doors/gates if possible

Whether your gates need welding or additional work we can re-weld hinge blocks, fit new locks, re-weld scrolls and bars. We have the facility to do all work on site or in our workshop. It is important for us to keep your gare/railings in the best possible shape and our repair service is a simple way of keeping it all intact.

See What Our Clients Have to Say!

Our clients trust us to deliver reliable, secure, and affordable metal products and services that meet their needs. By choosing us, you can experience the peace of mind that comes with having durable and secure metal gates, fences, and railings.

Susan Assab
Susan Assab
I had a problems with my gate , not closing properly, so I phoned Natim services. They serviced my gate and programmed it, and it’s working perfectly.. Thanks to Natim services, for the good job, So if you fixing or servicing your gate , call Natim Services,
Ahmed Assab
Ahmed Assab
I had a problem with my gate motor, so I phoned Natim Services to look at it, just to fix it . He spend 2 days traying to fix it , but no luck, and without any charges. I wanted to pay him but he refused. Because he didn't fix it. He doesn't want to get payed. After few month without a motor , I decided to order a new one Beninca with Natim Services. He fitted new motor for me while I was on holiday. That what you call a good service. My gate is working. Me and my dog are happy with it. Thank you Natim Services.
Preeti Patel
Preeti Patel
Natim Services were very reliable. We had three gates installed. They are excellent quality. Very secure and sturdy. I would highly recommend them to anyone installing metal gates for the home.
Very good company , Raf perfectly fixed my gate - I highly recommend :)
Daniel Eames
Daniel Eames
I received an excellent service from Raf & Kasia at Natim. I needed a new metal gate made to size due to the odd width of drive. My current wooden gate was expanding so unusable with the weather changes. After looking at numerous websites of generic and expensive gates from large companies I was a bit lost but then found Natim Services, they were quick to respond and provided accurate quote with personal communication throughout - just what I needed. The gate looks amazing, is strong, matches the house and the integrated letter box a really nice touch! Raf & Kasia were really genuine I would definitely recommend in future. Thanks again !
Natim installed 2 gates for us on the side and the back of our house. The gates are beautiful and really well made. The communication with Raf and Kasia was perfect. They helped us find the best solution to close off our garden and will definitely be using them in the future to replace the fence. We highly recommend Natim! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Geoff Ashcroft
Geoff Ashcroft
Excellent service and quality. I cannot fault Raf and his company for the service, price and quality of workmanship. We had a difficult property with crumbling stonework, but Raf came up with excellent solution and delivered as promised. Cannot praise Raf highly enough. We had a minor issue after installation but the after care service was slick and immediate. I would recommend Natim Gate Services without hesitation. So much better than the other gate companies I tried beforehand.
Abdul Omooba
Abdul Omooba
I had a fantastic service from the team, communicate from the start of the project until the end was on point. The price quoted was very fair and the product delivered and installed was very good quality. I would recommend this company any day. Thank you.
David Buxton
David Buxton
WOW, this was my first thought when I saw the gate shortly after fitting in Jun '22. Today in Jul '23 it's still WOW but now I also have a lot more superlatives. It really is a great addition to my property and fit's perfectly. I didn't opt for it to be galvanized but it's rust free after a year. The hinges are still super smooth and the Euro lock is still perfect. I would happily buy from Natim again.
Lianne Dooley
Lianne Dooley
We contacted natim services for an urgent gate motor repair due to other companies not even wanting to come out and have a look. Luckily they came out the next day to repair it and did a great job! They were so professional and communicated with us throughout the process. Highly recommend.

Customer Reviews:

“Natim Services exceeded my expectations with their gate repair service. They repaired my automated gate’s mechanism flawlessly, ensuring smooth operation. Their attention to safety and maintenance recommendations were impressive. Highly recommended!” – Sarah J.

“I was amazed by the quality of work Natim Services provided for my metal gate. They expertly welded broken parts on-site, saving me time and money. Their professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction are unmatched.” – John M.

“Natim Services fixed my damaged railings and gates, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. They straightened everything perfectly, and their attention to detail was remarkable. I highly recommend their repair services!” – Emily S.

“Thanks to Natim Services, my gate is as good as new. They replaced faulty components with high-quality parts and ensured compatibility. Their expertise in gate repairs is truly impressive. I’m a satisfied customer!” – David R.

“Natim Services provided exceptional gate repair service. They promptly replaced my automated system parts, resolving the issue efficiently. Their dedication to keeping gates in optimal shape is commendable. I’ll definitely use their services again!” – Lisa K.

Dear customers, and do you also need
something fixed to get it back
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Dear customers, and do you also need something fixed to get it back to working properly?

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